How To Make A Poll On Discord

Discord has servers where you can interact with different communities, specifically targeted at gamers. However, many people use Discord for various purposes, for creators to interact with their fans or for groups to discuss their interests.

Regardless of why you use Discord, you may find that you’re in a situation where you want to put up a poll to gauge opinions on different topics.

How To Make A Poll On Discord

But how can you make a poll on Discord (You might also want to check out How To Make A Poll On YouTube)? You can make a poll in your channel in three main ways (Also check out Can You Do Polls On Snapchat?). Using emojis or different Bots, you should be able to make a poll easily with our handy guide. 

Making A Discord Poll Using Emojis

One of the easiest ways to make a poll is by utilizing the emoji reactions, as you don’t have to use a Bot. If you have a small community, then Emojis can be a great way to get a response to the question you’re asking. But how can you do so? 

The first thing you need to do for any of these situations is to go to your server. There, you can create a channel specifically for your poll. That way, you always know where it is, and you won’t find it lost on one of the other channels.

Creating A Poll Channel

Creating a channel for your poll is the easiest way to start (You might also want to check out How To Create A Poll In Slack). Just create a new channel for your poll on your server, and name it. To do this, you need to scroll through your channels and click the ‘+’ sign, and you’ll be given the option to ‘Create Channel.’ 

Set Up User Permissions

When you create your channel, you need to set up the permissions. Doing this lets you see how other users can interact with the poll channel.

Click the gear icon next to the channel name, click ‘Permissions,’ and select ‘@everyone’ under ‘ROLE/MEMBERS’ on the right side of your page.

Once you do that, click on the green tick next to ‘Read Message History’ and click on the red X next to all the other options. Then ‘Save Changes’ and close the window.

Creating Your Poll

Type your poll question in the channel’s text box as you would normally. Hover your mouse over the question. Click on the smiley face in the right corner, next to the pencil icon.

You can then click on a different emoji for each answer and explain what emojis mean for each poll answer. Once you do that, you need to request that the members of your channel react and wait for them to respond.

Making A Discord Poll Using Poll Bot

To use a Poll Bot for Discord, you need to invite a Bot to your Discord server. One of the most popular Bots is the Simple Poll Bot, which you can invite through this link.

Here’s a simple method of inviting the Simple Poll Bot to your Discord server and how it works.

Invite Simple Poll Bot

To invite the Poll Bot, you need to go to the link I mentioned earlier and invite it to your server. Click on the ‘Invite’ button, and it will ask you to sign in to Discord.

It will then request that you pick a server to invite it to, and you just need to click ‘Continue’ to proceed. You just need to review the ‘Permissions’ and authorize it, and then it will be invited to the server.

Select a Text Channel

You then need to select a channel and possibly make a new one if you want one specifically for your poll. 

Decide Which Poll You Want

Where you have your text, you’ll need to enter the command for the type of poll you want. These can be Yes/No polls, multiple reaction polls, and strawpolls. 

How To Make A Poll On Discord

Yes/No Poll

To make a Yes/No poll, type: +poll: insert question here. The Poll Bot will then reply with a thumbs up, down, or shrugging reaction, which your users can vote on.

Multiple Reaction Poll

To make a multiple reaction poll type: +poll: {insert question here} [option one] [option two] [option three] and so on. There can be up to 26 options, and the Poll Bot will provide letter emojis for each of these options.


To make a strawpoll, you need to type: +strawpoll {insert question here} [option one] [option two] [option three], and the Poll Bot will respond with a link and image to a poll on where your users can vote for up to thirty options.

Once you’ve done this, you just need to wait for each user to fill in the Poll. 

Making a Discord Poll Using EasyPoll Bot

To make a poll using EasyPoll Bot, click on this link. It’s easy to set up, and you just need to invite it as you would the Poll Bot.

Decide On Your Poll

Once you’ve selected your channel, you need to type /poll or /timepoll and press the ‘Tab’ button on your keyboard. A timepoll will help you specify the length of time you want your poll set up. 

Enter Your Question

Once you’ve hit ‘Tab’, you’ll be asked to enter the question. You then need to hit the ‘Tab’ button again. 

Enter the Length

Depending on whether you’ve chosen to do a timepoll, you need to put in how long you want your poll to go on. This can be done as ‘7d’, ‘1h’, or ‘30m’ with a letter corresponding to days, hours, or minutes.

Enter the Answers

To enter each possible answer, you must allow multiple choices and select more than one answer. These can be ‘true’ or ‘false’, and press the ‘Tab’ button. Include each answer and press the ‘Tab’ button after each one.

Then hit the ‘Enter’ key to start the poll. Once you’ve done that, you can wait for your responses. 

Final Thoughts

These three are the easiest methods to set up a poll on Discord. Polls are easy to utilize on Discord, and it’s easy to see the responses too.

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