How To Create A Podcast Survey [10 Simple Steps]

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If you have a podcast, you may be wondering how you can conduct a survey on how you can conduct a poll for your users.

How To Create A Podcast Survey [10 Simple Steps]

By doing a poll, you’ll be able to get feedback from your listeners and see what they want to hear from you next. It’s a way to hear from your viewers directly, but how can you create your own podcast survey?

In this article, we’ll give you ten tips on how you can create a podcast survey. Just follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be hearing from your listeners in no time at all.

Why Should You Make A Podcast Survey?

Before you start, you’ll want to know how a podcast survey can benefit you, and why you want to make one.

After all, podcasts can be a great way to get feedback from your audience, and they will help you identify how you can improve your show. They show your audience that you’re listening to them as they’re listening to you.

Podcast surveys can also be great from a business perspective, as they’ll be able to help you when you’re pitching to podcast sponsors. So let’s go into how you can conduct a podcast survey.

How To Make Your Podcast Survey

Now that you’re making your survey, you should find out where you want to make your podcast survey.

If you have connected social media, you can choose one of your platforms to conduct your survey. So follow these ten steps to understand how you can make your podcast survey with ease.

Step 1: Why Do You Want To Run A Survey?

Before you start, you’ll want to identify why you want to run your survey. Are you looking for feedback, or a way to find sponsors? These answers will help you identify the questions that you want to ask and how you can get the results you need.

Step 2: Choose An Easy-To-Use Platform

While you can promote your survey on social media, there are numerous survey platforms that you can use.

While you could use sites such as Google Forms, you may also want to use something like Survey Monkey. Find the right platform for you, and choose one that works for smartphones and other devices too.

Step 3: Decide On Your Questions

The questions in your survey should help you understand your demographic (You might also want to check out What Is A Leading Question). Ensure the questions help you understand your audience.

However, you should also include questions about where your listeners have heard about your show and how they feel about it.

These questions will help you come up with a game plan, and can help you improve how you market it and how you can improve it.

Step 4: Make Your Questions Clear

Make Your Questions Clear

When you’re deciding on the questions that you want to use, you want to ensure that the questions are easy to answer.

You don’t want any open-ended answers, or you may struggle to get the answers that you need. So keep your questions clear and straightforward so you get the results you want.

Step 5: Keep Your Survey Short And Simple

You don’t want your survey to be really complicated, or your audience won’t be interested. So don’t try to make any questions too complicated.

Give them the option to provide as in-depth a response as they want, and choose questions that are easy to understand.

Step 6: Give Your Audience A Reason

No one particularly likes surveys, and many listeners may forget about it. So, you should give your audience some kind of incentive to take part. These can be in the form of a reward of some sort.

Maybe you could give them a shout out, or some kind of voucher for something related to your podcast. You can always get creative to get your audience to take part.

Step 7: How Long Will Your Survey Be Online For?

Before you make your survey, you’ll want to set a time frame for your audience to take it. If you have regular listeners, you should ensure that you promote it in the most recent episode.

Make sure to tell your audience about it, and let them know how long they have to complete it. That way, they’ll have time to do the survey if you don’t know for how long.

Step 8: Promote Your Survey

Most people listen to podcasts while doing other tasks, so you’ll need to see where they’ll see the survey.

You probably have social media that promotes your podcast, so make sure to link your survey to those places.

Whether you promote it through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, make sure as much of your audience can see the survey as they can.

Step 9: Gather Your Results

Once you’ve got the results of your survey, put them all on a spreadsheet on the platform of your choice. These can be done on Excel or Google (Also check out How To Create A Google Doc Survey), or any other platform I haven’t mentioned.

However, you might need to put the more in-depth responses into another related document and put them in the spreadsheet under headings like ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’.

That way they’re all gathered into one specific area that you can monitor to improve your podcast.

Step 10: Work On Your Feedback

Once you’ve completed your survey and gathered your results, you’ll need to work on the feedback you’ve been given. See what’s been said the most, and keep in mind what a few other listeners have been saying.

Don’t forget to thank your audience for taking part, and ensure that you stick to the reward promised. By working on the feedback, you’ll be able to show your audience that you’ve taken what they’ve said on board.

Final Thoughts

Feedback is vital to improving on your podcast. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll find that your audience will steadily grow more successful.

So feel free to make your own survey and see what your listeners think about your podcast and get even more listeners.

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